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Liquid Caustic Soda

Liquid Caustic Soda (sodium hydroxide solution) is a reagent in a large number of chemical reactions including neutralisation of acids, hydrolysis condensation, saponification and replacement of other groups in organic compounds by hydroxyl ions. It is used in a broad range of industries including soaps and detergents, ceramic glazing, textiles, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, mining and water treatment. The largest users are the pulp and paper, alumina and general chemical industries.

Orica ChlorAlkali's three manufacturing facilities in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland have ensured availability of locally manufactured product to the Australian market for many years, playing a leading role in the supply of caustic soda to industry, and has successfully satisfied the growing demand for this product. Our recent $150 million reinvestment in state-of-the-art facilities will ensure that the needs of our wide customer base for a local, reliable, committed, long term supplier will continue to be fulfilled into the future.

Our supply reliability is ensured through an Australia wide coverage of the market with local production sites supported by multiple storage facilities throughout the country.

Manufacturing Process

Orica ChlorAlkali manufactures liquid caustic soda by passing an electric current through a purified solution of brine (salt water) in state-of-the-art membrane electrolytic cells, producing caustic soda, chlorine and hydrogen. The membrane process produces caustic soda (and other products) of very high purity in an environmentally friendly manner. The caustic soda is manufactured and generally supplied in the range of 46-50% strength, usually being delivered in bulk road tankers.





Caustic Soda MSDS



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